My name is Samantha. I’m a Georgia born, Florida grown, spitting image of my mother. I’ve always had a passion for others and decided to become an elementary school teacher to plant the seeds of love into little hearts. I graduated from the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) and I’m currently living in South Florida.

I enjoy spending time with my parents, my friends, music, tap dancing, beach days, pigs, cactus themed everything, trying to cook (thanks to my roomie for humoring me and always eating my meals), and my new miniature dachshund puppy, Pebbles!

I’ve created this blog to share and document my life as a mid-20-something-year-old girl trying to figure it all out while my heart heals. I tragically lost my little brother, Andy, in March after a 7 year battle with Clinical Depression. I now feel compelled to share the stories of heartbreak, triumphs, and eye opening realizations in hopes of sharing with others what a devastating choice suicide is and how to get through it if you’re on this side of the pain.

This blog will be filled with my honest opinions and thoughts; good, bad, and ugly with a sprinkle of researched based, factual articles and discoveries about topics close to my heart, and a featured section from friends and family who are so lovingly sharing their experience with all of this as well.

All things considered, I’m doin’ just fine…and I hope you are, too!